Sinus (or known in his prototype name as "Busyness d00d") is a young man whom goes to The Unity to invest in the war bonds to invade Misent. soon after however he is caught up with the "criminal" organization Chimantera.


STAT RANGE STARTING Sure Increase Increment
HP 2~5 80% 40
SP 1~3 80% 10
Vit. 1 20% 0 Every 15 levels
Int. 1 20% 0 Every 15 levels
Luck 2 50% 1
Atk 1~3 80% 2
Def 2~3 80% 2
Sp.atk 0~1 80% 1
Sp.def 1~2 80% 3
Speed 1~3 80% 5


Name Level learned Effect Cost
Converse 7

You talk to the enemy

and may learn things from them.

5 SP
Negotiate 10 You talk to the enemy and see if you can work something out, selling items, sparing, etc. 2 SP
Deep Breath 16 You take a deep breath and clear your thoughts, heals 10% of your max HP and removes weak poisoning  6 SP
Charm 23 You try to charm the enemy with your... average looks. It may sometimes infatuate enemies.  2 SP
Contract Deal 27 You can hire the enemy to work for you for the right price. They will only work for you for a total of 10 battles however.



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